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It’s NOT FAIR, Right?

One thing is for sure, no one told you while you were forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars and all of your adult years in school and training, that all of your hard work would lead you to where you are now, right???

Adding insult to injury, many of you are paying “marketing” agencies, companies, social media “wizards” to deliver some results and they are falling woefully short with their outdated, disconnected industry jargon and tactics.

All of these “marketing consultants” tell YOU how you need to market and how to position yourself with colors and websites, but if you look around, everyone in your industry, has basically the same website

A solo practitioner in the sea of sameness is basically invisible, right?  

How many times have you been promised a 7 figure practice if you just used this new ppc, blogging or seo technique or had a new $5000+ website?

You are smart enough to know, that building on a broken foundation will only lead to failure, right? More ppc, blogging, industry website templates and seo will not create the leverage and scale necessary to create a Life Style practice for a solo practitioner or small practice.

Heck, LEVERAGE is what keeps your practice alive and breathing when you dare to take some much needed rest, and relaxation.   It’s the mechanism that keeps the cash machine “a churnin” and your practice growing long after you have called it a day and stopped working.

Here is my personal invitation to create a LifeStyle Practice of your choosing… a new opportunity for the new movement of solo service professionals to create new wealth, in this new economy and serve more people in the highest possible way AND make loads of money… YAY!!

In the words of R. Buckminster Fuller…

Buckminster Fuller New Model

 This is not about improving your ppc ads, more seo techniques, blogging or social media plans… this is not about making you wrong for your previous marketing strategies. It’s about creating a NEW MODEL that is designed for the lifestyle YOU CHOOSE. 

The YAY School of Business is the place and space for the possibility and reality collide for creating + generating multiple, scalable, leverageable, outsourceable money magnet assets that attract your dream clients and patients, while positioning you as a self-less problem solver, and MAKES you INDUSTRY LEADER…. Cause remember, “If you ain’t the lead dog, the view never changes” Lewis Grizzard

be a leader quote the yay me university



Real talk… Have you ever….

  •      Been “harassed” by online marketing “experts” that seem shady and their slick ideas don’t necessarily align with your own ethical compass as well as the professional rules of conduct.
  •     Struggled with figuring out, what your “thing” is… you know, that “thing” that makes you unique and different from everyone else in your industry?
  •   Judged all of those “shameless” self-promoters as “bad for the industry”, but secretly wondered how they “did” it… knowing that you are just as good (and probably better) if only people knew who you were and what you could do?
  •   Spent more time “working” than living… i.e. working 10+ hour days, (that’s not including any travel and commute) just to keep your practice going?
  •   Held your breath, crossed your fingers and PRAYED that all of your scheduled clients and consultations actually showed up, so you could cover practice expenses, let alone, have a little something left for you?
  •  Taken on a “part time job” that is basically supplementing the income you are NOT making in your practice, to ensure you have other income…
  •   Been mentally tortured over the fact that you KNOW your Practice should and could generate more revenue, and simply isn’t?
  •    Cringed at the thought of having to “market” your practice???
  •    Avoided specific client’s calls, because they were the bane of your existence, but you took them on anyway because they paid???
  •    Wondered silently to yourself, “how did I end up here and how in the hell can I get out?”
  •    Questioned your “marketing consultant’s” tactics and they made you feel like they were doing you a favor???
  •    Asked yourself if this was “high school” all over again, where the “cool kids” and big names get all the clients, prestige and recognition while everyone else fights for mere scraps?
  •   Been so frustrated with your practice that the frustration was spreading like a nasty virus throughout your life?
  • AND MORE……

I could go on and on, but I know that YOU GET IT!

multiple streams of income

This is a NEW Opportunity in the New Economy for You to Create New Wealth as a Solo Practitioner….

yay school of business new connection economy and radical revenue

Working with me means FINALLY discovering how to structure your practice as a business for optimal growth, revenue generation and YOUR CHOSEN LIFESTYLE…. Your practice is built around you, not the other way around.

good news at the yay school of business

The Connection Economy has changed the game for Solo Practitioners… Its NEVER BEEN EASIER for Solo Practitioners to Have Greater Impact and Wealth, THAN NOW!!!

It is possible to build a recession proof business and keep the cash streams flowing even in the darkest of times… YAY!

keepcalm and create your own economy yay school of business

The YAY School of Business is NOT for the collectors’ of information, the non-action taking dreamers, conventional thinkers and followers of herd marketing…  If you want “traditional advertising and marketing” then click away now…

dee hock

At The YAY School of Business, discover:

  • How to Be True to Yourself and Be the Lighthouse in the Sea of Sameness of your industry….
  • The online “marketing essentials” to thrive in the new connection economy… (oh and it has nothing to do with better interruption marketing tactics that send your prospects running to your competitors…)
  • How to create a website (on the cheap) that turns browsers into actual buyers… AROUND THE CLOCK- 24/7, 365 days a year…
  • How to Create Multiple Streams of Leverageable, Scalable, Outsourceable Win/Win income that takes you from a self-promoting stereotype to the answer to a prayer of BUYERS…
  • How to Read the Minds of Your Prospects and provide solutions that they will be raving about AND eager to share with their friends and family members.
  • The joy of working less and making more money WHILE serving your prospects…
  • Getting paid to grow your list of prospective clients and patients…
  • Long-term strategies for financial security that rests in YOUR HANDS, as it should.
  • The missing ingredients to the Profitable Solo LifeStyle Practice— i.e. prospect engagement, relationships and connection, bankable buyers, long term leverage and scale, organic branding that has nothing to do with a cheese ball catchphrase and recurring revenue…
  • AND MORE….

The YAY School of Business, is for the solo practitioner (or small practice) who offers life changing services, that knows something greater is possible, is willing to take action, be true to themselves and simply needs a paradigm shift + REAL TOOLS, to create a HIGHLY Profitable Life Style Practice that serves their clients and themselves.

If You Aren’t Ready, Willing and Desire Financial and Personal Freedom While Serving your Clients and Patients at a Higher Level, then The YAY School of Business is NOT FOR YOU…!!!

(or if you don’t like to have fun, smile, serve your peeps or make money)

Sending RADICAL YAYs Your Way,

tiphanie jamison yay school of business